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Minixed is a minimal but nice-looking PHP directory indexer.
You can see it as a replacement for the Apache mod_autoindex.

«How does it look?» Like this.
«I don't like it.» You are a CSS master, right? Good, you know what to do.

How to use

Just drop the index.php script in the same directory that contains files you want to index.


«Really? One single file?» Yes, really. Glad you asked.
«If so, where are icon files?» They are hard coded into the source, thanks Base-64.
«Was it really necessary?» I don't know, I just loved the idea you need only one file.

If you want Minixed to work also in subfolders, edit index.php setting:

$browseDirectories = true; // Navigate into sub-folders


The script works well out-of-the-box, and generally you want to leave it as it is. However if you have some particular needs, there are some PHP variables placed in the first lines of index.php you can edit.

You can enable navigation into subfolders using:

$browseDirectories = true; // Navigate into sub-folders

You can change the page title (and subtitle) providing strings that can contains some placeholders that will be parsed at runtime:

$title = 'Index of {{path}}';
$subtitle = '{{files}} objects in this folder, {{size}} total'; // Empty to disable

You can make breadcrumb links if titles contain {{path}}, useful when navigating into subfolders:

$breadcrumbs = true; // Make links in {{path}}

You can tell the script how to build the files list using:

$showParent = false; // Display a (parent directory) link
$showDirectories = true;
$showDirectoriesFirst = true; // Lists directories first when sorting by name
$showHiddenFiles = false; // Display files starting with "." too

And how that list should look:

$alignment = 'left'; // You can use 'left' or 'center'
$showIcons = true;
$dateFormat = 'dd/mm/yyyy HH:ii'; // Used in date() function
$sizeDecimals = 1;

Finally, you can customize the content of the meta-tag "robots" if you want to give some search engine hints:

$robots = 'noindex, nofollow'; // Avoid robots by default

Of course, if PHP is a friend of yours you can easily understand the whole script source code, so the only limit to customization is your imagination.

Bug tracking and developing

If you find bugs, if you have suggestions, if you modified the script adding features or improvements, feel free to contribute by opening Issues or Pull Requests.


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