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TensorFlow C# samples

Samples for LostTech.TensorFlow, TensorFlow binding for .NET

BasicMath (v1) - creates two constant tensors and performs simple algebraic operations on them

CharRNN - the sample was removed from 2.x samples, as it only works with TensorFlow 1.15. The old version is still available in 1.15 branch.

CSharpOrNot - a mini-ResNet convolutional network, that guesses programming language, given a rectangular text block from a code file. Has a cross-platform UI demo. Get pretrained model here:

FashionMnistClassification - standard TensorFlow example, that classifies small pictures of clothes.

ResNetBlock - same as FashionMnistClassification above, but shows Model subclassing to implement ResNet block.

RL-MLAgents - reinforcement learning agent, that learns to play Unity 3D based games using Soft Actor-Critic algorithm, and Unity ML agents library. More details in the blog post.

SimpleApproximation - uses a simple 1 hidden layer neural network to approximate an arbitrary function.

All models can be modified and trained.

LICENSE - MIT for all sample code, individual samples might have different licenses (clearing that up, see individual sample folders).

Larger samples (in separate repositories)

GPT-2 - latest published English language model from OpenAI with fine-tuning from

SIREN - neural representation for any kind of signal (image, video, audio).

YOLOv4 - neural network for object detection.

Billion Songs - deep learning-powered song lyrics generator in an ASP.NET Core web site. More details in Writing billion songs with C# and Deep Learning.