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CPCtelera Logo

Astonishingly fast Amstrad CPC game engine for C and Assembler developers

CPCtelera is an integrated development framework for creating Amstrad CPC games and content which includes:

  • A low-level library with support for: graphics, audio, keyboard, firmware, strings, video hardware manipulation and memory management.
  • A complete set of programming examples to learn from.
  • An API for developing games and software in C and Assembler.
  • A complete multi-platform building system with support for building CDTs and DSKs automatically.
  • Tools for content authoring (audio, graphics and level editing)
  • Automatic installers and wrappers for third party tools (such us emulators or other low-level libraries)

CPCtelera has been conceived with these aims in mind:

  • Delivering a convenient, usable and fast environment for developing games
  • Providing an up-to-date, detailed and easy to consult documentation
  • Giving technical details of the complete implementation for those curious
  • Easing the install and configuration process

Starting with CPCtelera is very easy:

Supported Platforms

  • Windows (with Cygwin 32/64 bits)
  • OS X
  • Linux

If you test it in any platform (listed here or not) and have problems, please feel free to report them to us.

Contact information and support

Authors and License

  • (C) Copyright 2014-2017 CPCtelera's awesome authors
  • CPCtelera low-level library, examples and scripts are distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License v3
  • Content authoring tools included within CPCtelera (under cpctelera/tools folder) have their own licenses. Check each of them in their respective folders for more details.

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