Sample implementation for Komfortkasse API v2 in PHP
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Komfortkasse PHP Example for "Generic" (API) Access v2

You need:
- a webserver with PHP
- a valid Komfortkasse login
- the API Key and Accesscode of your Komfortkasse dealer account

You don't need:
- mysql (or any other database)


Copy these files to a folder of your webserver. The webserver must be reachable
from the internet if you want to test full functionality.

Enter your API Key in the file komfortkasse_settings.php

Open komfortkasse_send.php in a browser: this will send an example order to 
your Komfortkasse account. (Every newly generated order number will be stored 
in the file order_numbers.txt.)
Warning! this will be a "real" order, but you can mark this order as cancelled 
later on. Please contact support if you want to permanently delete those 
example orders.

Open komfortkasse_read.php in a browser: this will read all orders (you should
see the one that you just created).

Mark one of the orders as paid in your Komfortkasse Dealer Area (select 
"orders" in the main menu, select an order, then click "Mark as paid"). 

Open komfortkasse_read.php again: you should see the new order status

If all the above steps are working, the PHP test environment for Komfortkasse
works. You can now start to integrate this logic to your real system.