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Yii framework-based web application foundation

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Phundament 3-0.2


Phundament 3 is an application foundation built upon a set if independent Yii modules and extensions such as user, rights, yiiext, gtc, ckeditor, jquery-file-upload, p3widgets and p3media.

The combination of p3widgets and p3media provides basic content management system (CMS) features, like dynamic widget creation and file management.
Combined in ckeditor, p3media acts as a ckfinder plugin which gives you the full power of HTML and media files for content creation via p3widgets.

It comes with a very minimalistic setup which integrates perfectly into an Yii web application skeletion and installs with one single command. More features...

Try a demo

Demo Phundament 3-0.1-RC1
Login with editor / editor

What is Phundament 3?

  1. Not a CMS for those developers who wouldn't read on otherwise ;)
  2. Yii Framework based set of modules
  3. Solid web application foundation


Tested Systems

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8
  • Debian 5,6

Supported Databases

  • MySQL 5
  • SQLite 3


  • BSD



Phundament 3

If you haven't done so already, a fresh copy is here
Get Phundament 3

Yii Framework

If you do not have an existing installation
Get Yii Framework 1.1.8


phundament/protected/ "path/to/yiic/command"

Setup script source



First Steps

  • Login with admin/admin
  • Click on 'Upload'
  • Upload some images
  • Click on 'Widget Demo'
  • Hover container and click on '+'
  • Edit HTML, you can select from your uploaded images by clicking on 'Browse Server' in the image dialog.
  • Save widget

Installation Guide is for Linux, OS X, UNIX.

See also p3widgets.

Coming soon: Quick Start



Help needed?

Additional Ressources


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