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irrighino is a complete watering system based on Arduino Yun


If you're using a new Arduino Yun Rev.2 or a Yun Shield, follow the steps in the following post to prepare the board for Irrighino:

An Arduino Yun with the latest firmware and the following modules (you can install them using opkg or through the web interface):

  • php5
  • php5-cgi
  • php5-cli
  • php5-mod-curl
  • php5-mod-json
  • php5-mod-pdo
  • php5-mod-pdo-sqlite
  • zoneinfo-core
  • zoneinfo-europe

The Yun webserver (uhttpd) must be configured to execute php scripts, as explained here:


Upload the sketch to the Yun. Copy all the files in the "website" folder to the Yun SD card, in a new folder named "irrighino".

Add the following 3 lines to the crontab ("crontab -e" or through the web interface):

* * * * * /usr/bin/php-cli /www/sd/irrighino/php/irrighinoTask.php

05 00 * * * /usr/bin/php-cli /www/sd/irrighino/php/purgeOldEvents.php

10 00 * * * /usr/bin/php-cli /www/sd/irrighino/php/purgeOldLogs.php

Create the log folder (/var/log/irrighino/)

If you changed the default Yun password ("arduino"), update the include.php file accordingly.


Connect to http://'yun-ip'/sd/irrighino


Edit the include.php file to change the number of outputs, their names and colors. Edit the config.h file to change the PINs led, switches, outputs are connected to.

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