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A NW.js boilerplate. Grunt building and packaging. The sample app is not relevant (old requirejs + angular test).



  • src : the app
    • index.html : entry point
    • package.json : node webkit manifest
    • assets : app assets (css + images)
    • app : logic app files
  • _build : grunt builder


  • Install NodeJS :
  • sudo npm install bower -g
  • sudo npm install grunt -g
  • cd _build
  • npm install : installs node modules of the builder
  • grunt install : installs the app dev kit (requires password on mac os to extend open files limit)


  • cd _build && grunt run
  • Debug :
    • Edit package.json
    • Change window->toolbar to true
    • Then run and click on the gear


  • Config target platforms in _build/config.json ("platforms":["win", "osx"])
  • cd _build && grunt package

Demo app specific operations

  • Add a node module from npm :
    • cd src && npm install the_module --save-dev
    • Then, use with require("the_module") in the app code
  • Add a requirejs module from bower :
    • cd src && bower install the_module --save
    • Then, add path to js/libs/vendor/the_module/path/to/jsFile in app/main.js in path section and include module name in the requirejs call