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A suite of lv2 plugins for noise reduction that uses libspecbleach C library.



  • Adaptive noise reduction plugin for low latency voice denoise
  • Manual noise capture based plugin for customizable noise reduction
  • Adjustable Reduction and many other parameters to tweak the reduction
  • Option to listen to the residual signal
  • Soft bypass
  • Noise profile saved with the session


Binaries for most platforms are provided with Github release. Just extract the adequate zip file for your platform to your lv2 plugins folder

If you wish to compile yourself and install this plug-in you will need the a C compiling toolchain, LV2 SDK, Meson build system, ninja compiler, git and libspecbleach library (if it doesn't find it it will download and compile it. In this case make sure to have libspecbleach dependencies installed).


  git clone
  cd noise-repellent
  meson build --buildtype=release --prefix=/usr --libdir=lib (your-os-appropriate-location-fullpath)
  meson compile -C build -v
  sudo meson install -C build

Noise-repellent is on Arch community at

Noise-repellent is also available in KXStudios repositories

Use Instuctions

Please refer to project's wiki