An lv2 plugin for broadband noise reduction
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An lv2 plug-in for broadband noise reduction.


  • Spectral gating and spectral subtraction suppression rule
  • Adaptive and manual noise thresholds estimation
  • Adjustable noise floor
  • Adjustable offset of thresholds to perform over-subtraction
  • Time smoothing and a masking estimation to reduce artifacts
  • Basic onset detector to avoid transients suppression
  • Whitening of the noise floor to mask artifacts and to recover higher frequencies
  • Option to listen to the residual signal
  • Soft bypass
  • Noise profile saved with the session


  • The plug-in will introduce latency so it's not appropriate to be used while recording (35 ms for 44.1 kHz)
  • It was developed to be used with Ardour however it is known to work with other hosts


To compile and install this plug-in you will need the LV2 SDK, Meson build system (use pip3 to install it), ninja compiler, git and fftw3 library (>= 3.3.5 is recommended to avoid threading issues).


  git clone
  cd noise-repellent
  chmod +x && ./

There is now an AUR package at for Arch Users (Kindly done by CrocoDuck).

Code Documentation

Code is documented using doxygen. To read it be sure to install doxygen in your system and run the following command:

  doxygen -s doc/doxygen.conf

This will generate an html folder inside doc folder. Accessing index.html you can read the documentation.