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This Project tracks all of the code related to a series of articles on
building applications with Apache Solr using the ISFDB Data Set

List of Articles Using This Code:


How To Get Started (These steps must be done once):

* You will need Java, Apache Ant, MySql, and the MySql Java client JAR

* Start up a mysql server, and create an empty database named "isfdb"
  (you can pick another name if you want, see below)

* Create a "" file containing at a minimum 
  the following pieces of information...


* Add to as needed to override any properties
  specified in the build.xml that are not correct for your system; ie:
  mysql.user,, mysql.db (if you did not use "isfdb"), or
  mysql.exe (if the "mysql" command line client is not on your PATH)

* Run "ant fetch" to download a recent copy of the ISFDB Database
  backups, and a copy of Apache Solr

* Run "ant load-mysql" to populate your MySql Database with the ISDB
  Database backup data.

How To Run Solr

* Run "ant run-solr" to startup an instance of Solr which you can
  connect to in your browser at... 
  Log messages will be written to the terminal where "ant run-solr"
  was executed, and hitting "Ctrl-C" in that terminal will shutdown

* While Solr is running, you can Use the schema browser to inspect
  data that is already loaded...
  You can use the DataImportHandler to import data from MySql...
  Or monitor the status of an import you have already started...

How To Clean Everything Up

* Run "ant clean" to remove all working files, including the
  uncompressed versions of downloaded files, and any solr indexes you
  have built.

* Run "ant clean-all" to remove *everything* including all downloaded
  files (ISFDB Data, and Apache Solr)


Useful Links:

  Mysql Client Jar Download Page

  Apache Solr Home Page

  Apache Ant Home Page

  ISFDB Home Page

  ISFDB Info for Developers

  Schema of ISFDB Database