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This is a work in progress.


We require ansible1.4, pyrax, and python-ipaddr

Quick instructions

source a rax environment (novarc / openrc format), then run the mkcluster command:

./mkcluster -e rax_keypair=NameOfYourKeyPair

if you want a cluster named something other than "c1", add the extra arg -c <cluster-prefix>

./mkcluster -c c2 -e rax_keypair=NameOfYourKeyPair

The mkcluster command is a simple wrapper around ansible-playbook on the provision.yml playbook. You can look at the mkcluster command and see how it works.

Once the cluster has clusterated, you can configure the cluster by running configure.yml. Limit the cluster to the cluster you created using -l:

ansible-playbook configure.yml -l c1 -e prefix=c1

This configuration will set up a zerovm-integrated swift cluster in a production(ish) way. There will be a proxy server fronted by haproxy doing ssl termination, talking to apache2 with mod_proxy to unify static resources (the web ui) as well as the endpoint.

This is a little wonky, but it works for testing, and scales up reasonably to large cluster size.

Currently, the auth mechanism is swauth, so once the cluster is initially configured, you should run the one-time swauth setup with:

ansible-playbook onetime.yml -l c1 -e prefix=c1

After that, http to the public ip of the cluster and play around with the web ui!