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Multi-platform software for record, demodulate, decode and process data from weather satellites.

Supported Datalink Protocols

Protocol Complete Name Satellites Band Support Level
LRPT Low Rate Picture Transfer Meteor-MN2 VHF Alpha
HRD High Rate Data NOAA-20 & Suomi X-Band Beta
APT Automatic Picture Transfer NOAA-15, NOAA-18 & NOAA-19 VHF Planned (Beta 1)

Example Usage

Decoding and processing a Meteor-MN2 soft-symbol file:

weatherdump lrpt soft ./file_path.bin

Known Bugs

  • The LRPT RGB composite is unsynchonized in most occasions. Will be corrected in Beta 1.
  • Garbage collection bug causes the app to use a huge amount of memory. Will be corrected in Beta 1.

Upcoming Features List

The WeatherDump project roadmap is available in our Notion Page.


Alpha 2

  • Support for multiple decoders for each protocol.
  • Added support to scrambled unsynchronized CADU files for HRD.
  • Added support to synchronized unscrambled CADU files for HRD.
  • Fix multi-thread image processing freezing.
  • New decoder and processor progress indicator.
  • New CLI argument for multiple decoders.
  • Improved far from perfect documentation.
  • First public release of GUI version.
  • Statistical SCID recover.
  • New LRPT frame stacker with proper line synchronization.
  • Added RGB multispectral composites for LRPT.
  • Exported functions better documentated.
  • GUI stylesheet refactor following Airbnb's styleguide.
  • Webfonts now loaded from the CSS.
  • Improving multi-theme support.
  • Implemented Golang module manager.
  • Tabs routing to the right place.
  • New Javascript library for the REST API.
  • Fix WebSockets synchronization.
  • General improvements to the REST API.
  • Unified WebSockets handlers.
  • New thumbnail generator API.
  • Add support for multiple apps opened at the same time.
  • New engine handler is now running on client-side.


Multi-platform toolkit for weather satellites reception and decoding. Available for Linux, macOS, Windows and RaspberryPi.




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