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uncomplicated single-page jekyll blog theme


use it! - 4 easy steps

1. fork this repository and rename it

2. create a branch called gh-pages

3. edit the _config.yml file

3.1. paste your title and description

3.2. give your site's url with protocol (http or https) to the variable url

3.3. the part after your page domain, for example you have http://himsel.me/onepage, baseurl: "/onepage" is the right value

3.4. paste github and twitter username to the following variables. Important: without @ prefix

3.5. accent is the color code for the blog column

3.6. edit address and name, email too.

3.7. you are using google analytics? paste your ID to g_analytics: ""

3.8. edit html content language here: isolang: en, default is english

4. start writing posts

4.1 posts are in the directory _posts

4.2 see here an introduction: http://jekyllrb.com/docs/posts/

thank you

share this project, give a star, contributions welcome
License: MIT