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Releases: lukaspieper/Gcam-Services-Provider

F-Droid release

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  • Added icon to both variants (thanks to @b3pio)
  • Added fastlane metadata for F-Droid release (thanks to @IzzySoft)

Apart from that, this release has been created to include the basic variant in F-Droid (link). The Photos variant is not compatible with the F-Droid policy.

Furthermore, from now on I will provide signed release builds here on GitHub. Before installing, the old version must be uninstalled manually.

Preview button video support

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No changes for users of the basic APK. No need to update.


  • Preview button supports opening videos now (#58).

As always when switching between basic and photos or having problems updating from older versions, make sure the previous version is uninstalled.

Easy install and working preview button

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This is likely the biggest update yet. Thanks to the development around CalyxOS I could migrate and solve two of the most annoying issues (#6, #11).

No more --force-queryable
This release does no longer need advanced installation methods. Just install the apk like any other.

Working preview button
The preview button is finally working thanks to the Calyx developers. Gcam Services Provider always was a lightweight application and my implementation of the button follows that idea. The photo will be opened in your default gallery app.

How to update
First of all, you should only update if your default gallery app is not Google Photos.

From now on there will be two APKs. One with the preview button implementation (called "photos") and one without (called "basic"). The easiest way is to uninstall your current version and then to install "photos" when you don't have the Google Photos app on your device and otherwise install "basic".

New package name

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If a previous version is successfully in use, there is no reason to upgrade to this version.

This version uses a different package name to cover the use case from discussion #19. Apart from that, there are no new features.

If you still want to update, you have to manually uninstall the previous app first. An in-place update is not possible.

For the installation, --force-queryable is still required.

Android 11 compatibility

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This release provides support for Gcam versions that target Android 11 SDK (Gcam >=7.5).

NOTE: Please check issue #6 for Gcam 7.5 on Android 11.

Initial release

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This release includes everything to keep Gcam from crashing on devices without Play Services. Creating this release to provide an apk for anyone who cannot compile the app themselves. Building from source is definitely to prefer.