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Gcam Services Provider

continuous License: MIT

This app "simulates" the Google Play Services that the Google Camera app (Gcam) requires, allowing the camera app to be used on devices without Google Play Services.

Comparison: microG

microG is a open source re-implementation of the Google Play Services (client side). Among other things, signature spoofing is used to achieve this goal. In comparison, this app only aims to get Gcam running without Play Services. Therefore this app does not need any security compromising hacks or permissions (no Internet access, no storage access and of course no root access).

Comparison: GrapheneOS' Sandboxed Play services

Back in July 2021, GrapheneOS implemented a compatibility layer to use the original Google Play services without advanced permissions. This offers another possibility to make Gcam work. For Gcam it is sufficient to install the Google Service Framework (GSF). If you already use this feature, or you plan to use an app that requires Play services, you cannot use this app for technical reasons. Otherwise, you have a choice. There is no difference in terms of security, both apps run in the same sandbox environment. However, this app allows you to use the button in Gcam that opens the last photo without having Google Photos installed.

How to install this app

Currently there are two versions of this app named "basic" and "photos". "Basic" includes everything you need to get Gcam running but the button showing the last photo in full size will not work. The "photos" version has all features from "basic" and adds support for this button but you cannot have the Google Photos app installed for technical reasons.

In short: if you have Google Photos installed go with "basic" else install the "photos" version.

If you can, the recommended way is to build the app from source. After all, software is usually a matter of trust. Alternatively you can find an apk for sideloading under releases.

Note that this app comes without UI and therefore has no icon in the app drawer. But of course it is listed in the Android settings (e.g. for uninstallation).


Google camera version Requirements Relevant issues
7.4 & 7.5
>=7.6 Compatible Android OS or modded Gcam #22

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