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tir––short for "Today I Read"––is a barebones CLI for logging memorable articles.


The aim is to collect everything you read every day so you can find and share it. No more "I forget where I read it..."

This was supposed to be functionality that I'd build into ezrss, but I'm finding that difficult (because that would require scraping a whole bunch of text that is structured differently). There might be eventual integration, but not right now.


  1. Download/unzip or clone this repository: git clone https://github.com/lukasschwab/tir.git.

  2. Optionally, move tir.html to a desired location (e.g. if you don't want to host tir separately, move tir.html into a GitHub Pages repo). Simplest setup with GitHub Pages would be to create a gh-pages branch (git branch gh-pages) and leave tir.html where it is.

  3. Modify tir/__main__.py so that the path on line four points to your local copy of tir.html. For example, html = "~/Desktop/tir/tir.html".

  4. After changing that path, run python setup.py install from the project root directory.

  5. From the command line, just run tir. To undo an entry, run tir --delete.

I've also done some hacking with launchctl to auto-push changes to my tir.html file. This is very hacky, and will stop whenever I have to do development in that repo. That script lives here.


  1. Add an empty RSS feed XML file to a location where it'll be tracked (it would make sense to put this in the same directory as tir.html). For example, see feed.xml.

  2. Modify tir/__main__.py to point at the correct feed file.


By default, tir will add new items to the top of the table. To reverse this, toggle the flag INORDER in __main__.py.

If you want to transition from one ordering to the other––i.e. if you have an established tir page with INORDER = True and you want to switch to INORDER = False or vice versa, use reverse.py.

To do

  • Only list last 15 or so tirs in the feed (cleanup)
    • Maybe need to include date as an attr for each item element? Shouldn't screw up the rest...
    • ON ADD:
      • Check if there are 15+ items.
      • Iterate through and map parsed datetime to item. Get minimum key (datetime, all naive probably) and then delete that item.