Visual automata-based programming in functional JavaScript
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Reacting to the same action in different ways due to what happened in the past may be a challenge.

Rosmaro is a framework for writing functions like this:

({state, action}) => ({state, result})

Check out the Rosmaro documentation at!

Get Rosmaro using npm: npm i rosmaro.

Rosmaro places great emphasis on two programming paradigms:

  • Visual programming - changes of behavior are drawn using the Rosmaro visual editor.
  • Functional programming - the whole model is a pure function built out of pure functions and pure data.

First, you draw a graph. Then, you assign functional code to its nodes.

Rosmaro dispatch It gives you:

  • Automata-based dispatch - actions are dispatched to handlers based on the current node of the state machine. There's no need to check the current state.
  • The right model for the job - the behavior-related state is expressed by a state machine, while the data-related state lives in a dictionary.
  • Existing tooling - it's easy to use with redux and redux-saga.

Rosmaro models support:

  • Node multiplication - a node may be multiplied using a function of the context.
  • Reuse and composition - models may be included within other models.
  • Lenses - thanks to Ramda lenses the shape and size of your data-related state may be easily adjusted.
  • Orthogonal regions - multiple regions may be active at the same time. One of the ways to avoid state explosion.
  • Subgraphs - nodes of state machines may contain other state machines.

An example

  1. Use the Rosmaro visual editor to draw a state machine. The graph of The Cursed Prince

  2. Write some functional code.

This example makes use of the rosmaro-binding-utils package.

const Frog = handler({
  INTRODUCE_YOURSELF: () => "Ribbit! Ribbit!",

const Prince = handler({
  INTRODUCE_YOURSELF: () => "I am The Prince of Rosmaro!",
  EAT: ({action}) => === 'pizza' ? {arrow: 'ate a pizza'} : undefined
  1. Enjoy your ({state, action}) => ({state, result}) function!
  {type: 'INTRODUCE_YOURSELF'}, // 'I am The Prince of Rosmaro!'
  {type: 'EAT', dish: 'yakisoba'}, // undefined
  {type: 'INTRODUCE_YOURSELF'}, // 'I am The Prince of Rosmaro!'
  {type: 'EAT', dish: 'pizza'}, // undefined
  {type: 'INTRODUCE_YOURSELF'} // 'Ribbit! Ribbit!'
].forEach(action => console.log(
  ({state} = model({state, action}))

The complete code of this example can be found on GitHub.


Blog posts


  • Bunny App a wizard implemented in Rosmaro, React, Redux and Redux-Saga.
  • TodoMVC the famous TodoMVC demo app
  • bool-less-todo a todo app implemented without boolean values and without variables



Rosmaro is licensed under the MIT license.