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+h1. Node Should
+'Node Should' is a(nother) implementation of "Shoulda": in JavaScript and
+specifically in the "NodeJS": runtime environment.
+This testing framework was developed test-first based on the examples
+found in the "NodeJs library": itself.
+There are most definitely bugs and problems in this code, but it is
+working well enough for me at the moment. If you encounter an issue,
+please let me know by "messaging me on github": . Forks and pull requests
+are definitely welcome.
+The main problem that I set out to solve with this library, is one
+of composite test environments. I really appreciate how Shoulda
+enables shared, general setup code and more specific leaves that
+can take advantage of it.
+Another major reason for building this framework was inherently
+supporting asynchronous tests.
+The ad-hoc assertion testing found in the NodeJs library code is
+obviously good-enough to get by, but suffers from problems with
+error localization, especially when something asynchronous fails.
+To use this framework, take a look at the project in the example/
+You'll probably want to copy the runner.js file found there into
+your project, and add the files found in src/ to a folder in your
+lib/ like, lib/node-should, and get that into your load path.
+Once you have taken these two steps, you should be able to run
+your test harness with:
+ node runner.js

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