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Yet another Objective-C REST client library, inspired by Ruby's restclient gem.
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If you require an awesome HTTP framework for iOS or Mac, I highly recommend AFNetworking.

Resty, an Objective-C HTTP framework

Resty is a simple to use HTTP library for iOS and Mac apps, aimed at consuming RESTful web services and APIs.

It uses modern Objective-C language features like blocks to simple asynchronous requests without having to worry about threads, operation queues or repetitive delegation. It is inspired heavily by RestClient, a Ruby HTTP library.

For more information and documentation, check out the project website.

Getting started

Because Resty relies heavily on Objective-C blocks, it requires a minimum of iOS 4.0 or Mac 10.6.

Resty is distributed as a static framework for iOS and a regular framework Mac; this makes it easy to get up and running with Resty. Simply drop the framework into your project (like any other framework) and add the -ObjC and -all_load linker flags to your target. If your project builds, you should be ready to go.

To download Resty, you can either clone this project and build from scratch or grab one of the latest releases or nightly builds from the Github downloads tab.

For detailed information, check out the Resty website.

Using LRResty with ARC projects

A version of LRResty that uses Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) is available in the arcified branch. This, like ARC, should be considered experimental. I aim to move over to ARC fully when it is production ready (but without the use of __weak to maintain iOS4 compatibility). I will aim to keep both branches in sync, feature-wise.