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LumiSpy is an extension Python package for multi-dimensional data analysis provided by the HyperSpy library. It is aimed at helping with the analysis of luminescence spectroscopy data (cathodoluminescence, photoluminescence, electroluminescence, Raman, SNOM).

If analysis using LumiSpy forms a part of published work, please consider recognising the code development by citing the project using the Zenodo-DOI.

Instructions on how to install LumiSpy and get started: installation guide.

Tutorials and example workflows have been curated as a series of Jupyter notebooks that you can work through and modify to perform many common analyses. Simply:

  1. Download the lumispy_demos repository in your desired folder
  2. Load LumiSpy (see installation guide)
  3. In Jupyter lab, navigate to the folder and start using the notebook

Everyone is welcome to contribute. Please read our contributing guidelines and get started!