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  1. lunatech-scala2-to-scala3-course lunatech-scala2-to-scala3-course Public

    Lunatech course - "Moving forward from Scala 2 to Scala 3"

    Scala 202 21

  2. lunatech-beginner-quarkus-course-v2 lunatech-beginner-quarkus-course-v2 Public

    Quarkus course for beginners - updated to utilise Course Management Tools

    HTML 1 1

  3. lunatech-beginner-quarkus-course-student-app lunatech-beginner-quarkus-course-student-app Public archive

    Student app that goes with the Lunatech Beginner Quarkus Course

    Java 13 6

  4. lunatech-beginner-quarkus-course lunatech-beginner-quarkus-course Public archive

    Lunatech's beginner Quarkus training course aimed at developers who may or may not already be familiar with other frameworks.

    JavaScript 1


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