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2017 come on!

-2017-1-23 Make a reading plan...
-2017-1-22 Another day missed...
-2017-1-21 One day missed...
-2017-1-20 How time flys, super fast...
-2017-1-19 Have a good mood. Coding on!! Spring festval is on the way.
-2017-1-18 Reading a fantastic book by Maugham. Had a terrible dream this morning, forget about it. Need some sport maybe.
-2017-1-17 Keep reading. Reading bright helps open my mind.
-2017-1-16 Carry on.
-2017-1-15 Another day missed.....
-2017-1-14 Hung out on a party.
-2017-1-13 Complex project requires extended plans.
-2017-1-12 Sleep late last night. reallly a depressed. Never do that again.
-2017-1-11 Sing a song for you. Come on!
-2017-1-10 I got a feeling.
-2017-1-09 Have a nice day. Sleep early, get up early, works fine.
-2017-1-08 Go out with some old friends. Toooooo tired. Read some article about ML. come on!
-2017-1-07 ..... one day missed.
-2017-1-06 Sleep late last night. Go to bed now. better tomorrow
-2017-1-05 Late for work. Late for go home. Keep on time tomorrow.
-2017-1-04 Begin contribute to this repo. Slepp early and get up early.
-2017-1-03 ..... another day missed.
-2017-1-02 ..... one day missed.
-2017-1-01 ..... one day missed.