IntelliJ IDEA plugin for integration with SBT (Simple Build Tool) in order to compile Scala projects easily and quickly [UNMAINTAINED]
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Integrates Intellij IDEA with SBT to build Scala projects easily and quickly.


JetBrains have recently added support for an SBT console to the IntellIJ Scala Plugin. This is now the recommended way to use SBT within IntellIJ. No new releases of this plugin are planned.


User Guide


The plugin is distributed through the Plugin Manager in IntelliJ.


Please reports issues to the GitHub issue tracker

Related Projects

  • sbt-idea An SBT plugin for generating IntelliJ projects from your SBT build
  • intellij-structure Developed by JetBrains, a plugin that might eventually take over from sbt-idea AND idea-sbt-plugin.


To build the project:

% mvn -Didea.home="/Applications/IntelliJ Idea" install
% ls -la sbt-dist/target/idea-sbt-plugin-*.zip  # File, Settings, Plugins, Install from Disk

You can also open this project in IntelliJ. Point the Project SDK to an IntelliJ Plugin SDK, which you can setup easily by pointing at your IntelliJ installation.

You can the use the Run Configuration "plugin" to spawn a child IntelliJ process with your modified version of the plugin.