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Craft CMS Polls plugin

A fully featured polls plugin for Craft CMS. Including translatable questions and options, custom fields for answer options, anonymous voting or login required, a bar graph in the answers admin section, other option for free text input.

A license for commercial use and more information can be found at


The source of this plugin is shared but it's not free to use on commercial websites, please consult the LICENSE before using this plugin.


  • Craft 2.4+
  • PHP 5.4+


  1. Download and unzip Polls plugin zip file.
  2. Drop polls plugin folder in craft/plugins.
  3. Go to Admin / Settings / Plugins and click install.


  1. Download and unzip Polls plugin zip file.
  2. Replace craft/plugins/polls folder by the one that you have downloaded.

Quick start

To add a basic poll form to your website insert this code in your template.

{{ craft.polls.form({ 
    pollResponse: pollResponse|default(null)
}) }}

You can also write your own HTML by copying the contents of templates/forms/basic.html in your own template and tweaking as you see fit.


Limit the questions that get added to the form. For example: questions: craft.polls.questions({ pollId: 1 })


This parameter is a route variable send back from the Polls_AnswersController which returns information when the form is submitted. In case it fails this variable holds the errors, when the submission is a success it returns the answers and answeredQuestions.

Templating Reference


You can access your site’s poll questions from your templates via craft.polls.questions. It returns an ElementCriteriaModel object. This is a simplified example, for a more full and robust solution refer to the html in templates/forms/basic.html

<form class="poll-form" method="post" accept-charset="UTF-8">
	{{ getCsrfInput() }}
	<input type="hidden" name="action" value="polls/answers/saveAnswers">
	{% for question in craft.polls.questions %}
		<h1>{{ question.title }}</h1>
		<div class="poll-options">
			{% for option in question.options %}
				<div class="poll-option {{ option.kind }}">
						<input type="hidden" value="" name="{{ option.optionInputName }}"> 
						<input class="poll-option-input {{ option.kind }}" type="radio" value="{{ }}" name="{{ option.optionInputName }}" {% if option.selected %} checked="checked"{% endif %}> 
						{{ option.label }}
			{% endfor %}
	{% endfor %}
	<button type="submit">Vote</button>

Only fetch questions that belong to a given poll(s). Accepted values include a poll handle, an array of poll handles.


Only fetch questions that belong to a given poll(s), referenced by its ID.


Returns an array of Polls_PollModel objects representing each of your site’s polls.

{% set polls = craft.polls.getAllPolls() %}


Returns the total number of polls your site has.

{% set total = craft.polls.getTotalPolls() %}

craft.polls.getPollById( pollId )

Returns a Polls_PollModel object representing a section in your site, by its ID.

{% set poll = craft.polls.getPollById(pollId) %}

craft.polls.getPollByHandle( pollHandle )

Returns a Polls_PollModel object representing a poll in your site, by its handle.

{% set poll = craft.polls.getPollByHandle(pollHandle) %}

craft.polls.hasAnswered( questions )

Returns true if the user/guest has answered all the questions.

{% if craft.polls.hasAnswered(questions) %}
	<a class="poll-results-link" href="#">Results</a>
{% endif %}