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Luxonis DepthAI Docs Website

Discord Forum Docs

How to contribute

The DepthAI docs are designed to be easily updated. See an issue? Follow these steps:

  • While on a page with an issue, scroll down to the footer.
  • Click the "Edit on GitHub" link. This takes you to the page source.
  • For simple changes (like a typo), anyone can edit the page directly on GitHub and submit a PR. Repository contributors with write access can also commit changes directly to master. However, use caution: master is auto-deployed on changes so limit direct commits to minor changes and use PRs for more significant updates.
  • For complex changes (like adding a new page to the site), follow the "Local Development" steps below.

Local Development

The site is powered by Sphinx.




  • CMake v3.18.2
  • Sphinx v4

Running the local web server

make html
cd build/html
python3 -m http.server

The server runs at


git push the master branch to deploy via ReadTheDocs.

Update redirects

To update redirects on the page, see source/redirects.yml.

Then, when everything is updated, please use

rtd-redirects luxonis-docs-website ./source/redirects.yml --pro --username <username> --password <pass>

Username and password are the credentials you use to access the RTD website

You need to have sufficient privileges on the RTD to change the redirects

Need help?

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