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Use npm to install zombiejs, if errors about packages occur when running your server , copy the zombiejs and jsdom package from your node_modules dir to /dev_bundle/lib/node_modules

In live mode

Using headless browser

Meteor.seo_index.push({title : "", link : "/"});

Add server side function that return the rendered html .(Serverside)

Meteor.seo_index.push({title : "" , link : "/" , function : function(){
    return "<html><head></head><body>index</body></html>";

If you want to update the map via console or when an user add a records (clientside)'update_seo');

Only in production to create sitemap automaticly.

Autoupdate will save every path and every modification of a page.


You can fire the normal update whenever you want. If you want to save every search under a seperate title then update with search.value

Meteor.updateSeo("/update/lander","Update by Lander") /** link,title **/
Meteor.updateSeo("" , "Update by Lander") /** Will take the current pathname**/
Meteor.updateSeo("/update/ ,"") /**Will be the root direction.