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⚠️ This library is now obsolete as demos have been merged into the lvgl repository. Please use instead. ⚠️

Demos for LVGL

Add the examples to your projects

  1. Clone this repository: git clone
  2. The lv_demos directory should be next to the lvgl directory in your project.

Similarly to lv_conf.h there is a configuration file for the examples too. It is called lv_demo_conf.h.

  1. Copy lv_demos/lv_demo_conf_template.h next to lv_demos directory
  2. Rename it to lv_demo_conf.h
  3. Change the first #if 0 to #if 1 to enable the file's content
  4. Enable or Disable demos



Shows how the widgets look like out of the box using the built-in material theme.   See in lv_demo_widgets folder.

Basic demo to show the widgets of LVGL

Music player

The music player demo shows what kind of modern, smartphone-like user interfaces can be created on LVGL. It works the best with display with 480x272 or 272x480 resolution.

See in lv_demo_music folder.

Music player demo with LVGL

Keypad and encoder

LVGL allows you to control the widgets with a keypad and/or encoder without a touchpad. This demo shows how to handle buttons, drop-down lists, rollers, sliders, switches, and text inputs without touchpad. Learn more about the touchpad-less usage of LVGL here.

See in lv_demo_keypad_encoder folder.

Keypad and encoder navigation in LVGL embedded GUI library


A demo to measure the performance of LVGL or to compare different settings. See in lv_demo_benchmark folder. Benchmark demo with LVGL embedded GUI library


A stress test for LVGL. It contains a lot of object creation, deletion, animations, style usage, and so on. It can be used if there is any memory corruption during heavy usage or any memory leaks. See in lv_demo_stress folder. Stress tes tfor LVGL


For contribution and coding style guidelines, please refer to the file docs/ in the main LVGL repo: