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@lvs1974 lvs1974 released this Apr 10, 2018

IntelGraphicsFixup is now part of WhateverGreen, please use it instead.


  • Add igfxgl=1 boot argument (and disable-metal property) to disable Metal support
  • Implement Gen6Accelerator with IntelAccelerator rename to fix GVA warnings (use igfxsnb=0 boot argument to disable)
  • Harden solved symbol verification to avoid panics with broken kext cache
  • Replace connector-less Sandy Bridge framebuffer for unsupported macmodels from 0x30030 to 0x50000

In order to boot with igfxgl=1 on 10.13.x you may need to set the defaults:

sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ useMetal -boolean no
sudo defaults write /Library/Preferences/ useIOP -boolean no
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@lvs1974 lvs1974 released this Mar 13, 2018

  • Fix Skylake and KabyLake automatic framebuffer detection
  • Ensure standard connector-less framebuffers are used
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@lvs1974 lvs1974 released this Mar 9, 2018

  • Add basic automatic IGPU model detection if it is not set
  • Add IGPU device id correction (correct device-id should be set via device properties or ACPI
  • Add basic digital audio correction on (HDAU rename on Haswell and layout-id/hda-gfx where needed)
  • Add GFX0 -> IGPU automatic rename
  • Add MEI/HECI -> IMEI automatic rename
  • Add IMEI device id automatic correction on Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge
  • Add basic automatic AAPL,ig-platform-id injection (defaults to connector-less when AMD/NVIDIA is found)
  • Add GuC microcode loading on SKL (9.33) and KBL (9.39) in 10.13 (enabled via igfxfw=1 boot-arg)
  • Add igfxframe=frame boot-arg for framebuffer id injection in testing cases
  • Fix booting without -disablegfxfirmware boot argument on KBL GPUs
  • Fix compatibility with connector-less frames
  • Minor performance improvements
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