1.12.1 Stable

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Dec 26, 2017 · 25 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix release for the recent 1.12.0 release. Thanks to Leiaz tackling several complicated issues. Most prominent is a hopefully solved issue with the pane sizing with maximized window. Last but not least we have Italian and Indonesian translation updates.


* Fixes #562: Lintian spelling errors
  (reported by Paul Gevers)
* Fixes #563: Appstream data has new format
  (patch by Paul Gevers)
* Fixes #572: Doesn't remember some sort orders
  (reported by geplus)
* Fixes #504: Fix assertions/crashes on changing view layouts
* Fixes #573: Workaround to avoid GtkPaned shrinking

* #566: Update of Italian translation (Gianvito Cavasoli)
* #566: Update of Italian default feed list (Gianvito Cavasoli)
* #514: Update of Indonesian translation (Samsul Ma'arif)
* #514: Added Indonesian default feed list (Samsul Ma'arif)
* Update of German translation

1.12.0 Stable

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Nov 30, 2017 · 50 commits to master since this release

This is the first release of the new stable release line 1.12. Many thanks to all the contributors and package maintainers that made this possible!

Important changes compared to 1.10

    * Wide view is now default view
    * HTML view now has a 'View Image' context menu
    * Redesign of the wide view: large icons with teaser text for better using 16:9 screen ratios
      and making Liferea usable on touchscreen
    * Optional AMP / HTML5 rich content fetching feature
    * Upgrade to WebKit2: This is an important security improvement!
    * Added a "Do Not Track" preference (disabled per-default)
    * Reordered columns in 'Normal' email-like view to have the date column always at the end
    * Plugins switched to Python3 libpeas loader
    * Full screen support for videos
    * Simplified external browser support

    * Experimental support for InoReader and Reedah online services
    * Added category/folder support for TheOldReader
    * Added folder auto-removal for TinyTinyRSS & TheOldReader

    * Removed libindicate support
    * Removed libnotify code (re-added as a plugin)
    * Removed tray icon code (re-added as a plugin)

Important fixes

    * Fixes unhiding from tray icon when activated via GApplication (hidden window problem)
    * Fixes #538: toggle_visibility() does not make a minimized window visible again (trayicon problem)
    * Liferea now uses ETags and If-None-Matches on feed updates

Please help fixing any leftover bugs and UX issues!

1.12-rc3 Unstable

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Mar 26, 2017 · 135 commits to master since this release

This is another 1.12 release candidate fixing bugs and updating a lot of translations.

    * Fixes #459: Fixes GtkDoc warnings
    * Fixes #415: Filter commands are not asynchronous
      (Rich Coe)
    * Fixes #363: Missing space above internal browser address bar
      (reported by nekohayo, patch by Mikel Olasagasti)
    * Fixes #208: All "Unread" search folder items marked read at once
    * Fixes #251: Liferea does not always use theme icons when it is launched
      on system startup (reported by GreenLunar, fix by Leiaz)

    * Updated Finnish translation (Jorma Karvonen)
    * Updated Latvian translation (Rihards Prieditis)
    * Updated Albanian translation (Bensik Bleta)
    * Updated Hungarian translation (Balázs Úr)
    * Updated Brazlian translation (Rafael Ferreira)
    * Updated French translation (Guillaume Bernard)

1.12-rc2 Unstable

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Dec 27, 2016 · 180 commits to master since this release

This release brings the following changes:

    * Change all g_warnings() to g_print() for remote source
      to avoid "crashing" on errors.
    * Reorganized all UI definitions in separate files to simplify
      GtkBuilder handling.
    * Github #425: Add GeoRSS info and map link in item header
      (Mikel Olasagasti)
    * Github #407: Replacing deprecated elements in preferences
    * Github #396: Create LifereaApplication type
    * Github #434: Partial RFC3229+feed support for bandwidth savings
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)

    * Fixes Github #208: gtk_tree_store_get_path: assertion
      'iter->stamp == priv->stamp'
      (reported by Mno-hime)
    * Fixes Github #403: Leftover OSM XSLT in item view
      (reported by Paul Gevers)
    * Fixes Github #423: Internal browser shows files system on go-back
      (Leiaz, reported by Paul Gevers)

    * Updated German translation
    * Github #441: Updated French translation


@lwindolf lwindolf released this Sep 19, 2016 · 254 commits to master since this release

This is a first release candidate for new stable line 1.12

Major changes since 1.10 include:

  • Switch to Webkit2
  • Support for Do-Not-Track
  • Improved trayicon plugin
  • Support for Reedah and InoReader.
  • Support for categories in TheOldReader
  • Simplified handling of external browsers

Changes since 1.11.7:

    * Github #348: Added support for downloading content that
      cannot be displayed by HTML widget (e.g. PDFs)
    * Github #355: Migrate to Python3 libpeas loader
      (patch by picsel2)
    * Github #311: Upgrade to WebKit2
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Github #292: Show new item count in tray icon
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Github #297: Minimize to systray on window close
      (patch by Hugo Arregui)
    * Github #325: Auto-fitting, translated license
      (patches by GreenLunar and Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos)

    * Fixes Github #73: Problem with favicon update
      (reported by asl97)
    * Fixes Github #177, #350: Tray icon not scaled properly
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Removes GeoIP rendering via OSM to avoid exposing
      users to remote JS library resources.
      (reported by Paul Gevers)
    * Fixes Github #337: Case sensitive sorting
      (reported by Pi03k)
    * Fixes Github #361: Show all enclosuers
    * Fixes Github #368: Segfault on liferea-feed-add
    * Fixes Github #382: Broken Auto-Detect/No Proxy setting
    * Fixes Github #383: Per feed don't use proxy setting is broken
      (reported by Leiaz)

    * Github #309: Update of Japanese translation
      (IWAI, Masaharu)
    * Github #329: Update of Hebrew translation
    * Github #330: Update of Spanish translation
      (Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos)
    * Update of Swedish translation
      (Andreas Ronnquist)

Liferea Stable 1.10.19

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Apr 4, 2016

This is a maintenance release for Liferea 1.10. This might well be the last maintenance release for 1.10


    * Fixes #317: Compilation problems in 1.10.18 release
    * Fixes #73: Problem with updating favicons
      (reported by asl97)

Liferea Unstable 1.11.7

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Jan 30, 2016 · 343 commits to master since this release

This is a bugfix release for the unstable line including the following changes:

    * Github #287: Add support for media:group.
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Github #287: Fixes issues with media:content.
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes Github #283: Bad .desktop categories definition
      (reported by Wuzzy2)
    * Fixes Github #279: Fixes rules no visible in searchdialog
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes Github #278: No "Download" tab in Tools/Preferences
      (docs error, reported by Anders Jonsson)
    * Fixes Github #83: Segfault when sorting feeds in folder
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes French translation
      (patch by polo2ro)
    * Github #300: Updated manpage
      (patch by GreenLunar)

Thank you @Leiaz, @polo2ro and @GreenLunar for the patches!!!

Liferea Stable 1.10.18

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Jan 30, 2016 · 4 commits to liferea-1_10 since this release

This is a maintenance release that brings the following changes.

    * Fixes #287: media:content support broken
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes #279: Rules not visible in searchdialog
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes #83: Segfault when sorting feeds in folder
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Fixes #302: Broken compilation with --disable-notify
      (reported by vostorga)

Thanks to @Leiaz for the contributions!!!

Liferea Stable 1.10.17

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Oct 30, 2015 · 9 commits to liferea-1_10 since this release

This is a maintenance release fixing the following issues:

    * Fixes Github #194: Add source dialog visually broken
      (reported by k0377)
    * Fixes Github #195: Out-dated documentation on enclosure download
      (reported by brian-in-crawford)
    * Fixes Github #223: Search folder dialog don't show rules
      (reported by Guido Masella)
    * Fixes Github #227: Preference dialog fails to load with latest
      GtkBuilder (patch by Yanko Kaneti)
    * Fixes Github #234: Segmentation fault upon attempting to add an OPML
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes compilation error when there is no libnotify
    * Added debugging for #258: Dialog loading issues
      (patch by glitsj16)

Please upgrade if you are using recent GTK versions 3.14+ as three dialog layouts broke.

Liferea Unstable 1.11.6

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Oct 12, 2015 · 373 commits to master since this release

This is a new release in the unstable line. It introduced "Do Not Track" support and fixed several bugs.

    * Added "Do Not Track" support (enabled per default)
    * Github #193: Added x-scheme-handler/feed to desktop file
      (suggested by GreenLunar)
    * Github #209: Add image icons to plugins
      (by GreenLunar)
    * Github #210: Enable tests for parsing RFC822 dates with 2 digit year
      (patch by arunanbala)
    * Fixes Github #78: Shaky text in feed list
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes Github #195: Out-dated documentation on enclose download
      (reported by brian-in-crawford)
    * Fixes Github #198: Traceback on popup notifications
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes Github #216: Untranslatable strings
      (reported by GreenLunar)
    * Fixes Github #256: PyGIWarnings on loading plugins
      (patch by glitjs16)