@lwindolf lwindolf released this Sep 7, 2018 · 13 commits to master since this release

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This is a bugfix release. It includes an important bug fix that solves a possible endless loop on using "Next Unread" which several users experienced as endless high CPU usage. If you are affected by this: please upgrade!

This release also switches the keyring integration from GnomeKeyring to libsecret and introduces a flatpak JSON.

The Changes

    * #665: Webkit browser now supplies 'Liferea' component in user agent
    * #664: Added "Mark All As Read" button to headerbar plugin
    * #620: Added flatpak JSON
    * #579: Added item list column drag and drop reordering
      (Yanko Kaneti)
    * #436, #662: Move from GnomeKeyring to libsecret

    * Fixes #663: Correct instapaper sharing link
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #661: Update sharing links
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #271: Consistent over usage of CPU (trigger by "Next Unread" loop)
      (reported by GreenLunar)

    * #472, #632: Dropping Inoreader support (API broke)

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Jul 23, 2018 · 60 commits to master since this release

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This release brings smaller bug and security fixes.


    * Fixes #660: Added installable plugin to change accels
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #654: Segfault on date out of range
    * Fixes #651: Fixes Free Music Archive link in default OPMLs
      (reported by benjbrandall)
    * Fixes #649: Switch from persistent to session-only cookies
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #645, #646: unread count of vfolder
    * Fixes #637: Extra keywords in .desktop file (syndication; rss; atom)
      (Daniel Alexandersen)
    * Fixes #557: Updating counters for remote sources

    * Updated cookie usage hint in FAQ

@lwindolf lwindolf released this May 1, 2018 · 82 commits to master since this release

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Today sees a new 1.12 release which addresses some long-standing user concerns. One being accidentally marking all your headlines as read, we have no a confirmation dialog. Another issue addressed is that of custom download tools. The list provided is not always sufficient so we now provide a CLI command you can enter to use you favorite downloader. A lot of refactoring also allowed us to provide a GTK headerbar plugin for all fans of GNOME style window decorations.


    * #634: Added setting for custom download commands
    * #614: GTK Headerbar support via plugin
      (Lars Windolf)
    * #608: Refactoring UI code to switch to GAction and GtkBuilder
      Note: this implies not having icons in the main menu anymore
      which were still there for all non-GNOME users (see #626).
    * #589: Item list view column order rework as a preparation for
      possible real column drag&drop. Introduces a new DConf setting
      for the column order.
      (Yanki Kaneti)

    * Fixes #280: Mark read toolbar button always disabled for search folders
      (Lars Windolf, reported by dvahalev)
    * Fixes #591: Please add a safety question when "marking all read"
      (Leiaz, reported by Nudin)
    * Fixes #625: Avoid exception in trayicon.py
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #627: GnomeKeyring plugin fails to activate when keyring doesn't exist
      (Lars Windolf)
    * Fixes #630: Fix feed list selection after DnD
      (Peter Zaitev)
    * Fixes #633: Big Memory leak in date code

    * Update of Turkish translation (emintufan)
    * Update of French translation (guilieb)

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Mar 7, 2018 · 157 commits to master since this release

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This is a new bugfix release for Liferea 1.12. It introduces a plugin installer that allows easy discovery and installation of 3rd party plugins. This release also adds support for "transmission-gtk" and "aria" as download tools. Check below for the many contributions to this release:


    * Adding a plugin installer plugin that allows discovering
      and automatically installing 3rd party plugins
    * #585: Drop language from user agent to increase privacy
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    * #583: Add transmission-gtk and aria2 as download tool options
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    * #495: New command line option --disable-plugins (-p) to start
      with all plugins disabled.

    * Fixes #610: Liferea not showing up in GNOME Software
      (Yanko Kaneti)
    * Fixes #604: Correctly print error message when failing to unlock GNOME keyring
    * Fixes #602: CSS style for GTK link colors not used
      (reported by pupyc)
    * Fixes #581: Redirect location updates and adds HTTP 308 (RFC 7538) support
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    * Fixes #578: Unable to set unread items in bold
      (Leiaz, reported by EverEve)

    * #612: Update of French translation
      (Guillaume Bernard)
    * #596: Update of Swedish translation
    * #594: Update of Polish default feed list
    * #584: Fixes broken OPML feed list entries
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    * #584: Added Norwegian feed list
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)
    * #577: Fixes newsbin doc typo
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Dec 26, 2017 · 213 commits to master since this release

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This is a bugfix release for the recent 1.12.0 release. Thanks to Leiaz tackling several complicated issues. Most prominent is a hopefully solved issue with the pane sizing with maximized window. Last but not least we have Italian and Indonesian translation updates.


* Fixes #562: Lintian spelling errors
  (reported by Paul Gevers)
* Fixes #563: Appstream data has new format
  (patch by Paul Gevers)
* Fixes #572: Doesn't remember some sort orders
  (reported by geplus)
* Fixes #504: Fix assertions/crashes on changing view layouts
* Fixes #573: Workaround to avoid GtkPaned shrinking

* #566: Update of Italian translation (Gianvito Cavasoli)
* #566: Update of Italian default feed list (Gianvito Cavasoli)
* #514: Update of Indonesian translation (Samsul Ma'arif)
* #514: Added Indonesian default feed list (Samsul Ma'arif)
* Update of German translation

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Nov 30, 2017 · 238 commits to master since this release

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This is the first release of the new stable release line 1.12. Many thanks to all the contributors and package maintainers that made this possible!

Important changes compared to 1.10

    * Wide view is now default view
    * HTML view now has a 'View Image' context menu
    * Redesign of the wide view: large icons with teaser text for better using 16:9 screen ratios
      and making Liferea usable on touchscreen
    * Optional AMP / HTML5 rich content fetching feature
    * Upgrade to WebKit2: This is an important security improvement!
    * Added a "Do Not Track" preference (disabled per-default)
    * Reordered columns in 'Normal' email-like view to have the date column always at the end
    * Plugins switched to Python3 libpeas loader
    * Full screen support for videos
    * Simplified external browser support

    * Experimental support for InoReader and Reedah online services
    * Added category/folder support for TheOldReader
    * Added folder auto-removal for TinyTinyRSS & TheOldReader

    * Removed libindicate support
    * Removed libnotify code (re-added as a plugin)
    * Removed tray icon code (re-added as a plugin)

Important fixes

    * Fixes unhiding from tray icon when activated via GApplication (hidden window problem)
    * Fixes #538: toggle_visibility() does not make a minimized window visible again (trayicon problem)
    * Liferea now uses ETags and If-None-Matches on feed updates

Please help fixing any leftover bugs and UX issues!


@lwindolf lwindolf released this Mar 26, 2017 · 323 commits to master since this release

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This is another 1.12 release candidate fixing bugs and updating a lot of translations.

    * Fixes #459: Fixes GtkDoc warnings
    * Fixes #415: Filter commands are not asynchronous
      (Rich Coe)
    * Fixes #363: Missing space above internal browser address bar
      (reported by nekohayo, patch by Mikel Olasagasti)
    * Fixes #208: All "Unread" search folder items marked read at once
    * Fixes #251: Liferea does not always use theme icons when it is launched
      on system startup (reported by GreenLunar, fix by Leiaz)

    * Updated Finnish translation (Jorma Karvonen)
    * Updated Latvian translation (Rihards Prieditis)
    * Updated Albanian translation (Bensik Bleta)
    * Updated Hungarian translation (Balázs Úr)
    * Updated Brazlian translation (Rafael Ferreira)
    * Updated French translation (Guillaume Bernard)

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Dec 27, 2016 · 368 commits to master since this release

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This release brings the following changes:

    * Change all g_warnings() to g_print() for remote source
      to avoid "crashing" on errors.
    * Reorganized all UI definitions in separate files to simplify
      GtkBuilder handling.
    * Github #425: Add GeoRSS info and map link in item header
      (Mikel Olasagasti)
    * Github #407: Replacing deprecated elements in preferences
    * Github #396: Create LifereaApplication type
    * Github #434: Partial RFC3229+feed support for bandwidth savings
      (Daniel Aleksandersen)

    * Fixes Github #208: gtk_tree_store_get_path: assertion
      'iter->stamp == priv->stamp'
      (reported by Mno-hime)
    * Fixes Github #403: Leftover OSM XSLT in item view
      (reported by Paul Gevers)
    * Fixes Github #423: Internal browser shows files system on go-back
      (Leiaz, reported by Paul Gevers)

    * Updated German translation
    * Github #441: Updated French translation

@lwindolf lwindolf released this Sep 19, 2016 · 442 commits to master since this release

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This is a first release candidate for new stable line 1.12

Major changes since 1.10 include:

  • Switch to Webkit2
  • Support for Do-Not-Track
  • Improved trayicon plugin
  • Support for Reedah and InoReader.
  • Support for categories in TheOldReader
  • Simplified handling of external browsers

Changes since 1.11.7:

    * Github #348: Added support for downloading content that
      cannot be displayed by HTML widget (e.g. PDFs)
    * Github #355: Migrate to Python3 libpeas loader
      (patch by picsel2)
    * Github #311: Upgrade to WebKit2
      (patch by Leiaz)
    * Github #292: Show new item count in tray icon
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Github #297: Minimize to systray on window close
      (patch by Hugo Arregui)
    * Github #325: Auto-fitting, translated license
      (patches by GreenLunar and Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos)

    * Fixes Github #73: Problem with favicon update
      (reported by asl97)
    * Fixes Github #177, #350: Tray icon not scaled properly
      (patch by mozbugbox)
    * Removes GeoIP rendering via OSM to avoid exposing
      users to remote JS library resources.
      (reported by Paul Gevers)
    * Fixes Github #337: Case sensitive sorting
      (reported by Pi03k)
    * Fixes Github #361: Show all enclosuers
    * Fixes Github #368: Segfault on liferea-feed-add
    * Fixes Github #382: Broken Auto-Detect/No Proxy setting
    * Fixes Github #383: Per feed don't use proxy setting is broken
      (reported by Leiaz)

    * Github #309: Update of Japanese translation
      (IWAI, Masaharu)
    * Github #329: Update of Hebrew translation
    * Github #330: Update of Spanish translation
      (Adolfo Jayme-Barrientos)
    * Update of Swedish translation
      (Andreas Ronnquist)
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This is a maintenance release for Liferea 1.10. This might well be the last maintenance release for 1.10


    * Fixes #317: Compilation problems in 1.10.18 release
    * Fixes #73: Problem with updating favicons
      (reported by asl97)