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Places-CNDS-8 is a "8conv3fc layer" deep Convolutional neural Networks model trained on MIT Places Dataset with Deep Supervision.

Top-1 and Top-5 accuracies (%) on MIT Places Val/Test dataset:

   top-1 val/test        top-5 val/test
   54.7/55.7              84.1/85.8

The method is described in the following report. Thanks for citing this report if the model is useful for your research.

Downloading our 8conv3fc_CNDS.caffemodel (8 convolutional layers and 3 fully connected layers)

Thanks for citing our work if the model is useful for you.

  Training Deeper Convolutional Networks with Deep Supervision
  L.Wang, C.Lee, Z.Tu, S. Lazebnik, arXiv:1505.02496, 2015