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Binding to the libffi foreign function interface library for the D programming language.
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libffi binding for D

libffi-d is a binding to the libffi foreign function interface library. It allows you to invoke functions that use various calling conventions dynamically. Often, particularly in interpreters, it is necessary to dynamically invoke a native function. This is made possible with libffi(-d) as long as you know the return type, parameter types, and the ABI.


You build libffi-d by using Waf:

$ waf configure --lp64=true --mode=release
$ waf build
$ waf install

You can of course adjust the parameters to configure as needed.


  • This binding assumes the presence of the closure API.
  • The raw API is not bound.
  • This binding only supports the native C calling convention (i.e. 'cdecl') on all platforms, and 'stdcall' on Windows.
  • There is no support for functions with variadic argument lists.
  • The Java-specific API is not bound.
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