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A dairy note edit and manage tool in vim
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vnote: a note/diary manage plugin in vim

vnote git/readme

A chinese version readme is also availabe (一份中文的说明文档也是可利用的).


  • note is a markdown plain text file. while note public, diary private.
  • notebook is a directory to orginaze many note files in a way.
  • vnote is a plugin to edit note and manage notebook, almost in vim.


Minimum Requirment

  • OS: linux (windows not test now)
  • vim version: 7.4 (vim8 recommaned)
  • Unite.vim plugin: (optional)


Manually Install

$ git clone
$ git clone
: set rtp+=right/path/to/vimloo
: set rtp+=right/path/to/vnote
" or in vim8
: packadd vimloo
: packadd vnote
: cd right/path/to/vnote/doc
: helptags .

The $ lines is shell command, : lines is vim ex command, which is suggested put in vimrc.

right/path/to/vnote is the directory where clone down this plugin, maybe ~/.vim/bundle/vnote is a good choice. While in vim8, it is better to clone in the &packpath, for example: ~/.vim/pack/lymslive/opt/vnote

Install by plugin manage tools

Refer to the plugin manage tool used. Install "vimloo" before "vnote".

Fast Usage

  • :Vnote open vnote layout with three windows in its own tabpage.
  • :NoteNew create a new note
  • :NoteNew - create a new diary
  • :w save note file as normal
  • :NoteList browse note in notebook
  • :Unite notelist is available if unite.vim installed
  • default notebook is ~/notebook, it's better to create it first
  • :help vnote for detail and online document
  • refer a sample mine: lymslive/notebook
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