Measurement Devices

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Measurements Input

One of the goals of CaveSurvey is to let you collect data with with the devices you already have. Currently the following data input options are available:

  • Manual data input
  • Build-in android sensors
  • Devices that emulate Bluetooth keyboard
  • One of the integrated Bluetooth enabled devices (below)


18+ devices are tested to work with CaveSurvey:

Brand Model Note
Bosch GLM 100 C, GLM 50 C, PLR 30 C, PLR 40 C, PLR 50 C Bosch GLM and PLR laser distance meters
CEM iLDM-150 Distance meter with built-in clinometer
DistoX DistoX and DistoX2 The most popular cave mapping device
Leica Disto D810 Touch, Disto D110 and probably others Leica Disto's with Bluetooth LE
LTI TruPulse 360B and 360R Rangefinders with compass, clinometer and very long range
Mileseey dTape 5t, P7 and T7 Distance meters with offline clino
Stanley TLM99s Laser distance meter with simple design
Suaoki P7 Laser distance meter with offline clino
Trimble LaserAce 1000 GIS rangefinder with compass and clinometer

The list is probably longer. Please contact us if you have another device and you would like to help with the integration.

General usage

  • Older devices use COM, newer LE (Android 4.3+) profile Bluetooth connection
  • Depending on the device you might get any of distance/inclination/azimuth at once or a combination.
  • Those with unusable (or not automatically set) default settings need to be configured to work in single measurement mode, meters and degrees
  • The survey units should be configured accordingly
  • First select measurement target (e.g. Up cell) and then trigger the device.
  • If multiple values (e.g. distance + clino or/and azimuth) are received they are applied to the current leg/vector.
  • Rest of the measurements can be populated manually or with the build-in sensors.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • Verify that your device supports the needed Bluetooth profile
  • The device need to be paired first, only one device is active at a time
  • Consult the device details page (above) for details
  • Open again the Devices Screen (reconnects to the last device)
  • Restart both devices (or Airplane Mode on/off)
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