A statusbar for syncthing on Mac OS X
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syncthing-bar Build Status

A little statusbar for http://syncthing.net/ on OSX

Be aware that i am NOT a swift developer. I am not even a cocoa developer. This is more or less a weekend experiment. It should be useable but the code is a mess :O (so much i can tell :D)

What will it do?

Syncthing bar has syncthing bundled. Once started it will try to upgrade and then keep the bundled syncthing running. It will automatically select a port. When clicking on the statusbar icon it will offer quick access to the UI and will allow you to open any shared folder in finder. Syncthing log may be examined as well. That's it


OS X 10.10 is required

To build/run

  1. Clone the repository in X-Code
  2. Download syncthing from http://syncthing.net/
  3. Extract the archive
  4. Locate the "syncthing" binary
  5. Copy the binary to your syncthing-bar source repository in the folder "syncthing"
  6. Open X-Code (binary/syncthing should NOT be marked RED anymore)
  7. Hit the fancy play button :S
  8. it SHOULD run :S

Demo :O

alt tag


Syncthingbar is intended for local usage only. It will hardcode host and port and apikey. If you want to access the UI from within your network use a standalone syncthing.

Installation Package

The latest release can be found on the releases tab

Installation using homebrew

After you have installed homebrew you can install syncthing-bar with the brew command:

brew tap caskroom/cask
brew cask install syncthing-bar