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Audiolicious - Your Music Library Statistics
Java CSS



by Michal Huniewicz

The primary goal of this project is to exercise the JEE 6 platform without using
other dependency injection frameworks, such as Spring. Other technologies can be

The application analyses your music library and provides statistics. The library
file must be in a supported format.

The main points of interests are:
	* CDI (JSR 299),
	* JPA 2.0 (JSR 317),
	* and JBoss Seam.
It is extremely important that all parts of code are unit or integration tested.

Requirements for building:
	* Maven 3,
	* VTD installed in the local m2 repository.
At the moment of writing this document VTD was not available from Maven
repositories, so it must be downloaded and installed manually. It can be
obtained from here:
There's three ways of building:
	* mvn clean install
	* mvn clean install -Pintegration
	* mvn clean install -PentireFlow
The first one will run just unit tests. The second one unit and integration
tests. The third one will launch only unit tests and an entire-flow EJB test
with full library, on JBoss 7.

Requirements for running:
	* JBoss 7 AS,
	* MySQL 5.
A different configuration has not been tested.
Initial JBoss version was 7.0.0.Final, now it is 7.1.1.Final.
You must set your JBOSS_HOME system variable.

See SETUP for more details.
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