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mParticle Apple Media SDK

Hello! This is the public repo of the mParticle Apple Media SDK. We've built the mParticle platform to take a new approach to web and mobile app data and the platform has grown to support 200+ services and SDKs, including developer tools, analytics, attribution, messaging, and advertising services. mParticle is designed to serve as the connector between all of these services - check out our site, or hit us at to learn more.


Fully detailed documentation and other information about mParticle Apple SDK can be found at our doc site

Getting Started

Please be aware that this SDK is built as an extension of and requires the use of the mParticle Apple SDK.

Include and Initialize the SDK

Below summarizes the major steps to get the Apple Media SDK up and running. In addition to the below, we have built a sample app that provides a more in depth look at how to send Media Events to Adobe's Heartbeat Kit. See that sample app here

Load mParticle via your app's Podfile or Cartfile:

pod 'mParticle-Apple-Media-SDK', '~> 1.0'


github "mparticle/mparticle-apple-media-sdk" ~> 1.0
// AppDelegate.swift
import mParticle_Apple_SDK
import mParticle_Apple_Media_SDK

let options = MParticleOptions(key: "REPLACEME", secret: "REPLACEME")
let mParticle = MParticle.sharedInstance()
mParticle.start(with: options)

// Later in your code, when a user begins to engage with your content
let mediaSession = MPMediaSession.init(
    coreSDK: mParticle,                 // mParticle SDK Instance
    mediaContentId: '1234567',          // Custom media ID
    title: 'Funny internet cat video',  // Custom media Title
    duration: 120000,                   // Duration in milliseconds
    contentType: .video,                // Content Type (Video or Audio)
    streamType: .onDemand)              // Stream Type (OnDemand, Live, etc.)


// If you'd like to update playhead position frequently or add custom data to each event you may pass an option object into each log method
let options = Options()
options.currentPlayheadPosition = 48000
options.customAttributes = ["testKey": "testValue"]

mediaSession.logPause(options: options)

Contribution Guidelines

At mParticle, we are proud of our code and like to keep things open source. If you'd like to contribute, simply fork this repo, push any code changes to your fork, and submit a Pull Request against the master branch of mParticle-apple-media-sdk.

Running the Tests

You can use xcodebuild from the command line or just Product > Test (Command-U) in Xcode.


By default Xcode will add trailing whitespace on whitespace only lines, which causes SwiftLint to fail. You can work around this without changing Xcode settings by running swiftlint autocorrect before committing.



The mParticle Apple Media SDK is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for more info.