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This project has been discontinued. Check out our next project: a 4G security camera.

Productivity Extension

The Productivity extension contains a number of productivity-related features to make the everyday store administration tasks easier. It includes one-click switching between the front- and back-end views of products, categories and CMS pages, a front-end toolbar for simple product editing without back-end access and a number of useful widgets.

Front-end features

Productivity Toolbar

The toolbar is shown at the top of Product, Category and CMS pages in the front-end for all authorised users. It contains a number of buttons that give access to the following functionality:

  • Edit product details, prices, attributes, etc.
  • Upload product images.
  • List products with missing images.
  • Shortcut to the corresponding page (product, category or CMS page) in the back-end.
  • Shortcut to Google Analytics.
  • Help on using the extension.


  1. Only customers who are members of the Reviewer group will get access to the front-end toolbar.
  2. Shortcuts to the admin part of the website are only enabled if the user is currently logged in to the back-end with an administrative account in the same browser.

Image Editing Toolbar

The toolbar is shown when the mouse pointer is hovering over a product image (main image or a thumbnail) in the Product page. It allows simple image editing functionality:

  • Delete and rotate product images
  • Set main product image


Image editing toolbar may not always work in custom themes (with modified HTML layout or product image sizes) and may require some additional configuration, as outlined in XXX.

Expanding hidden category

It's possible to replace hidden category with its child categories in the menu using Flatten categories tree setting. To archive it follow instructions:

  1. Set Flatten categories tree setting in the productivity settings to Show children of hidden parents
  2. Set Use Include in Navigation Menu setting in the desired category's settings to No

The category will be replaced with its child categories in the menu or will be hidden if it doesn't have children

Back-end features

Back-end to Front-end shortcuts

FrontShop Preview button is added to Product editing, Category editing and CMS page editing views to allow one-click preview in the front-end.

Open in a new window

Use middle button on your mouse in lists to open the item in a new window. E.g. list of attributes in Attribute Set page, list of CMS pages, etc.

Other features

RSS Feeds


  • Slideshow widget
  • Attribute values widget
  • Related products widget


  • Related products block

Theme compatibility

Most well designed themes are compatible with this extension. You may need to make a few minor changes, e.g. to configure the Image Editing Toolbar.


The extension doesn't require any initial configuration. The front-end toolbar is displayed on the front end for all authorised users.

User configuration

  1. Create a user group called Reviewer
  2. Assign an active user to that group to give them access to the productivity toolbar.

The user should see the toolbar after logging it to the front-end.