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Website for five factor model of personality based on work from IPIP-NEO-PI.

Tests and evaluation is gathered from

See it live @

Written in nodejs using next.js framework and following micro services:

The whole system is a framework primarily for personality tests, but can easily be extended with other types of tests.

Right now it supports these tests:

  • Johnson's (2014) 120-item IPIP NEO-PI-R
  • Donnellan et al.'s (2006) highly abridged B5 factor markers ("Mini-IPIP")
  • Costa and McCrae's (1992) NEO-PI-R Domains (50 and 100 questions)
  • Lee and Ashton's (2004) HEXACO-PI (soon)


Download and install nodejs and git

git clone
cd bigfive-web
npm install
npm run dev

Open web-browser at http://localhost:3000

Deploy using Now

$ now --npm

Deploy using Docker

Install Docker

docker run -d --name bigfive-web maccyber/maccyber/bigfive-web


git clone
cd bigfive-web
npm i
npm run dev


BigFive screendump




Created with <3 by zrrzzt and maccyber

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