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PHPActiveRecord Spark

PHPActiveRecord is an open source ORM library, largely based on Ruby on Rails' ActiveRecord.

This spark is used to easily integrate PHPActiveRecord into CodeIgniter 2.0+.

NOTE: PHPActiveRecord requires PHP5.3+, logging requires the PEAR Log library.


Sparks Manager

Navigate to the root of your CodeIgniter project and run

php tools/spark install php-activerecord


  • Navigate to your CodeIgniter project's 'sparks' folder
  • Extract the php-activerecord spark here, ensure it is named 'php-activerecord'


PHPActiveRecord will use the config/database.php file to determine your database settings. It is capable of handling several connections, but will default to your $active_group connection. You may change the connection any model uses within the model itself.

PHPActiveRecord does not require you to define your database tables before use, simply extend your model from the ActiveRecord\Model class and your model will be ready for use (aside from any extra configuration you may want to add later).


Examples, documentation, and help forums are available at

Verify PHPActiveRecord Works

Create a table in your database named tests and give it some test information, perhaps an id and a varchar column. Create at least one or two records.

Create a new file in your models directory named 'Test.php'

Give model the following content:


class Test extends ActiveRecord\Model { }

Proceed to 'welcome.php' within your controllers directory

Within the index function, enter the following prior to the view being called

echo '<pre>'; var_dump(Test::all()); exit;

If you've followed the steps above, you should now see a print out of your object, with the class of your Model. Success! PHPActiveRecord is now ready for use!

Logging and Profiling

If you'd like to enable logging and profiling, simply uncomment the designated block from ./libraries/PHPActiveRecord.php beginning at line 59.

HMVC Support

If you use the Module Extensions HMVC, the model folders in each module will automatically be checked for models just as the regular model folder would.

Contact and Credit

PHPActiveRecord was created and is maintained by Kien La and Jacques Fuentes. I am not associated with the developers of this project, but love the work they've done and want to make it easily accessible to the CodeIgniter community.

This spark was created and is maintained by Matthew Machuga, is hosted on GitHub, and is made possible by the GetSparks team. Please support their project!