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reddit mona lisa meme thing in c.

written by nick welch <>.  author disclaims copyright.

build requirements (ubuntu/debian package names):


and of course g++ and make (build-essential package should cover it)

to run:

    Control-C in terminal to quit

the path to the mona.png image is hardcoded in the source code, so without
tweaking that, you must run it from same directory.

feel free to modify the NUM_POINTS and NUM_SHAPES #defines to play around with
different variations.  to run it against another image, change "mona.png" to
"whatever.png" in the code (or merely copy your image over mona.png) (it must
be a png), and modify the WIDTH and HEIGHT #defines accordingly.  text can
produce some cool looking results.

WARNING to those who might scrutinize the code:

the code is REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY messy and ugly and bad.  i started off
with some old code and frantically pulverized it into what it is.  the result
is a mix of c and c++, different syntax styles, etc.  it's horrible.  i was in
a rush, only had a few hours to do it, and needed to get to sleep to wake up
for a flight the next day.  now it works and i have little motivation to go
back and clean up something that was basically a random whim.  it's not
impossible to understand or anything, but it's not pretty either.

also, one drawback vs. the web version is that you can't see the random
attempts onscreen -- you only see the current "best" version.