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  • Phase: Alpha / Under development


  • Checkout the project
  • Make sure all requirements are installed: pip install -r requirements.txt
  • Adjust your settings (DB, etc)
  • Create DB structure and import initial data: ./ syncdb


  • Add user registration: django-registration
  • Refactor cities variable required by all the templates; create a template tag or use template processor
  • Add flatpages for static content
  • Clean up inline CSS and JS
  • Clean up template: indentation needs to be corrected
  • Implement buy for friend
  • Implement Reviews ?!
  • Localization (views, templates)
  • Add url to Advetiser (maybe)
  • Move header.html inclusion from all the templates to base.html
  • Review usage of the following apps: countries, debug_toolbar, facebook, socialregistration, photologue, etc; add them to requirements.txt and delete them from repo.
  • Install django-socialregistration in requirements; clean up url entries
  • Implemented simple version for robots.txt
  • Implemented dynamic sitemap.xml; This can be pushed to google with: ./ ping_google

Original README

Massive Coupon - An Open Source Crowd Buying engine

Here it is boys and girls ... a decent starting point for your own Groupon clone. I wrote this over 2 weekends and spent some coin designing it - and now I'm giving it all away for FREE!

Why am I doing this? Why not? I decided not to launch due to increasing competition - so my loss is your gain! I hope to see some cool development and branches come out of this thing. The open-source community has hooked me up big time over the years - Linux, Apache, Python, Django and on and on.... so I'm hoping this will help someone out.


  • Nice Design (all html / css / graphics included!)
  • Basic Groupon functionality (deal timeouts, tipping point, checkout, paypal express integration)

The engine is written in Python + Django .. any decent Django coder should be able to get it up and running. I didn't have too much time to clean it up .. so it's 'as is'.

Good luck and happy group buying!

Rob Platek