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Updated Installation Instructions #18

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Updated Modman homepage from Google Code to Github.

Corrected installation instructions for Modman

Corrected Modman clone instructions

Improved 'allow symlink' instructions

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Commits on Oct 12, 2012
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@@ -8,31 +8,44 @@ Or demo video on YouTube:
-### Via Modman
- - Modman required: <>
-curl > modman
-chmod +x modman
-sudo mv modman /usr/bin
+### A) Via Modman - Recommended (
+#### 1) Install Modman:
+bash < <(wget -O -
- - Magento patch to allow symlinks for templates dir: <> (required if you choose to use modman installation)
- - Install via modman (for details consult modman website):
+bash < <(curl -s
+source ~/.profile
+#### 2) Allow symlinks for the templates directory (required for installation via Modman)
+ - For newer Magento versions ( & above) you just need enable 'Allow Symlinks' from System - Configuration / Advanced / Developer / Template Settings
+ - For older Magento versions:
+#### 3) Install Debug Toolbar module:
cd [magento root folder]
modman init
-modman magneto-debug clone
+modman clone
- Make sure you've cleaned Magento's cache to enable the new module; hit refresh
-## Update plugin installed via Modman
-I'm pretty lazy and I don't like to create Magento Connect packages. That's why using modman, you'll have latest changes pushed to github.
+#### How to update
+I'm pretty lazy and I don't like to create Magento Connect packages. With modman you can effortlessly grab the latest changes from github.
-modman magneto-debug update
+modman update magneto-debug
- Clean Magento's cache to make sure new changes will be enabled.
-### Via Magento Connect
+### B) Via Magento Connect
Extension is not updated regularly. I recommend using modman.
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