Drawing in terminal with unicode braille characters
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node-drawille Build Status

drawing in terminal with unicode braille characters. The idea is based on drawille by @asciimoo.



install the package with npm:

$ npm install --save drawille


See examples.

this module provides a very basic API only, for fancy things, like drawing lines, use another module, like bresenham.

drawille-canvas provides HTML5 Canvas API for drawille.


Canvas(w, h)

Create a new canvas with the given dimensions. w must be multiple of 2, h must be multiple of 4.

canvas.set(x, y)

Draw point on canvas at the given position.

canvas.unset(x, y)

Delete point on canvas at the given position.

canvas.toggle(x, y)

Toggle point on canvas at the given position.


Clear the whole canvas (delete every point).


return the current content of canvas, as a delimiter-delimited string. delimiter defaults to \n.

it uses braille characters to represent points, so every line has length of w/2, and the string contains h/4 lines.


  • vtop uses it to draw CPU and memory usage charts in the terminal
  • datop uses it to draw dat statistics
  • boscillate uses it to draw baudio soundwaves in real-time