Skins for FeathersUI (Starling based UI component library)
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PapaguiSkin for Feathers for Starling


Skins for Feathers a mobile optimized UI component library based on Starling Framework. Context: Adobe AIR, Adobe Flash, Actionscript.

Quick Notes

  • full explanations and step by step tutorial are available on my blog:
  • currently provide Adobe Illustrator graphic templates to ease the process of preparing UI skins.
  • based on Azure theme (new official MetalWorksMobileTheme version in preparation)
  • to demonstrate how easy it is to build new skins two basic examples are provided Metroid and Castlevania skins (small change of colors, no changes done to gradients, shapes or proportions).

Why an Adobe Illustrator template?

  • artboards: one step export ideal to export numerous skin parts at once or for multi-resolution assets preparation
  • global color swatches: change colors globally for the whole parts, easy theming
  • symbols: like in Flash use instances of symbol, modify the symbol and every instances are updated (e.g. used for callout arrows)
  • flexible: shape effects and visual effects (e.g. dropshadow)
  • flexible: vectorial assets can be mixed with bitmap based assets(or layers or placed bitmap files). Those can be prepared in HD (350, 400?) at high resolution and then all parts exported to corresponding resolutions e.g. 163, 264, 326


The demo project provided is based on Feathers ComponentsExplorer hence it requires the same. The following external libraries are required by Feathers. Other versions of the same library may work, but the version displayed below is the one currently recommended for use with Feathers.

Quick Links

Additional Notes

  • templates ai files are Adobe Illustrator CS6, a CS4 can be added if needed

  • preparing a new version for MetalWorksMobileTheme

  • more to come ...

  • congratulations to Josh Tynjala and all contributors for their work on Feathers

  • congratulations to Starling team and contributors for making Stage3D power available to a wider audience