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                  SIP - Scilab Image Processing toolbox 

SIP development version

This toolbox reads and writes image files in almost ANY format,
including BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, XPM, PCX, and more. There
are also various image processing routines for edge detection,
gaussian blurring, digital curvature estimation, etc.

WHAT's NEW? See the file ChangeLog.txt

INSTALLATION?  see the file INSTALL.txt. If you have any
problems with the installation process, feel free to subscribe to
the siptoolbox-users mailing list, at:

Further information about SIP can be found at

The SIP development source code and information are found at

SIP is FREE software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under
the terms of the GPL, which can be found in the file COPYING.txt.


Advanced users might want to read the DEVEL_README.txt file, if this
is the devel version, and also to take a look at the new AnImaL C
library at We are open for any constructive
criticism, suggestions, and collaborations.


Principal author: Ricardo Fabbri <rfabbri@(not this part) gmail d0t com>    
Supervisor: Luciano da Fontoura Costa <>

Cybernetic Vision Research Group <>

Contact Information:
                    Cybernetic Vision Research Group
                    Caixa Postal 369
                    13560-970 - Sao Carlos, SP
Phone: 273.9882  Area Code: 16  International Code: 55

README.txt         : this file
INSTALL.txt        : installation instructions
configure          : configuration script (see INSTALL.txt)
Makefile           : build instructions        : high level build instructions (for automake)
*.txt              : information about SIP
config             : some configuration files for compilation/installation
src                : directory of C routines
macros             : directory of Scilab functions
     *.sci         : source versions
     *.bin         : compiled binary versions (generated)
     names         : table of functions (generated)
     lib           : scilab library binary save (generated)
man                : directory for help.
     Makefile      : for help formatting 
     *.man         : nroff help file
     *.cat         : formatted files 
     whatis        : short function description 

images             : contain sample images used by examples and demos
win_bin            : pre-compiled binary of C routines for W1nd*ws
win_util           : some files to aid the installation under Wlnd0wz

Please send any comments and suggestions to rfabbri@(not this part) gmail d0t com