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Magarena lets you change its look-and-feel using themes. Below you can find a selection of popular themes to download - please note the Felt theme is already included by default. There are also loads of excellent user created themes available in the Themes forum. Please see Customizing Magarena on how to create your own theme.

Installation instructions

To install a single theme copy the zip file into the <install>/Magarena/themes folder. There is no need to extract the archive. The theme will then be available the next time you start Magarena from the Settings -> Preferences -> Theme tab. If the zip file contains multiple themes as is often the case in the forum then you should extract these archives first.

Custom background image

If you would prefer your own background then you can override the theme image by dragging and dropping an image file directly into Magarena. You can switch this custom background on or off independently of the theme via the Settings -> Preferences -> Theme -> Custom background option. For loads of amazing backdrops check out Wallpaper Abyss - it even has options to crop/stretch images to suit your resolution.

Please click on the theme name to download the zip file.

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Felt (included in the game)