This free open source extension solves a problem most big ‪#‎Magento‬ 1.x shops face: an ever growing huge URL Rewrite table. This extension solves a still existing bug in Magento 1.x which creates unnecessary rewrites all the time. It can also clean up the existing mess.
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We are sorry but we cannot offer customer support for this extension, and it is provided "as-is" for free. We use it at a number of big shops and it works well.

Due to bugs in Magento, once an rewrite URL ends with -[number] you get more and more rewrite URLs to the same target. The number gets higher and higher. Indexing gets slower and slower.

This extension is a workaround for this problem. Requires Magento or greater.

How to install using Modman (--copy)

  1. Make sure you run Magento 1.7 or newer
  2. Install Modman
  3. cd to your Magento root dir
  4. test -d .modman || modman init
  5. modman clone --copy --force
  6. If you keep your Magento code in Git: Add .modman to your .gitignore
  7. Run php shell/mh_rewrite_cleanup.php -- cleanup once
  8. Reindex the catalog_url index

Verify if needed

You can verify if your installation has this problem by using this query (presuming no DB prefix). If the largest count is > the number of stores then this is a hint that something is wrong.

SELECT id_path, count(*) as total
FROM `core_url_rewrite`
group by id_path
order by total desc

Also you can open the id_path with the highest count select * where id_path = [ID from previous query] There should be 1 entry per id_path for every store view - and not more - unless you renamed the product URI yourself.