Extremely slow queries to wp_X_mf_post_meta #153

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jb510 commented Oct 11, 2012

I got asked to look at a slow site and while there were a couple issues the biggest was that each get() on the template part was taking 40ms to return (every other query was taking 0.5ms as I'd expect).

This template should have been using get_group(), but was instead using 15 separate get('field_name') functions to query 15 separate fields, looped 30 times... so about 500 of these 40ms queries per page load.

I'm far from a MySQL expert, but indexing meta_id against post_id fixed the performance issues instantly.

I also noticed the query caching seems to of been removed between 2.0 and 2.0.1 for the get_data() function.


  1. Would it not make sense to index those fields by default? (Again, beyond my expertise)
  2. What happened to the query caching? (it seems irrelevant to my performance issues, but still it look 'right' before and now it's gone).

This site is multi-site, 13 sub-sites. CPTs have 5-10 fields added, 100s of posts. It's really not "that" big. the biggest table it 10MB, most are smaller.

@jb510 jb510 added a commit to jb510/Magic-Fields-2 that referenced this issue Oct 14, 2012
@jb510 jb510 Add index field to meta_id/post_id (issue #153)
Signed-off-by: Jon Brown <jon@jbrownstudios.com>
jb510 commented Oct 14, 2012

Trying to make a pull request for: jb510@82e0c12

gnuget commented Dec 5, 2012

can you use EXPLAIN in a query with and without the index?

With that we can make sure about the performance improvement

Thank you

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