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The list of frequently asked questions has been integrated into the manual. The manual is also available online - the page with FAQ can be found here.

At times you will find a list of frequently and recently asked questions below. These questions are either only relevant for a short period of time and therefore won't be added to the manual or they just haven't been added to the manual yet.

Where is the branch manager ?

Magit (prior to version 2.1.0) had a "branch manager". This functionality is now found in magit-show-refs-popup bound to y. See also issue #2017.

What do you mean by Please reproduce this issue in emacs -Q?

Lunaryorn explains it well here:

Symbol's value as function is void --some

Update dash and then it will be defined.

You might also be interested in the following pages here on the wiki. They cover topics which many users need a little help with at first.

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