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The list of frequently asked questions has been integrated into the manual. The manual is also available online - the page with FAQ can be found here.

At times you will find a list of frequently and recently asked questions below. These questions are either only relevant for a short period of time and therefore won't be added to the manual or they just haven't been added to the manual yet.

Unable to stage/apply individual hunks when connected from Windows to a remote machine using Tramp

There appears a problem with process-send-eof in this scenario, as mentioned at the end of tramp-tests.el. I have contacted the Tramp maintainer about this. For now this unfortunately means that it just doesn't work and we cannot do anything about it. If you have more information, then please comment on

You might also be interested in the following pages here on the wiki. They cover topics which many users need a little help with at first.

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