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Data encoding library for Haskell.
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Latest commit f28e2c0 Mar 28, 2016 @magthe Fix all suggestions by hlint.
Except for the "Reduce duplication" found in the codec code.

Signed-off-by: Magnus Therning <>
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bench-src Add criterion-based benchmarks. Jan 31, 2013
test-src Fix all suggestions by hlint. Mar 28, 2016
.ghci Add config and convenient script for GHCi. Mar 2, 2013
.gitignore Adding TAGS to ignored files. Mar 27, 2016
.travis.yml Add a configuration file for TravisCI. May 10, 2015
.vimprj Configure YCM. Apr 2, 2013 Configure YCM. Apr 2, 2013
Setup.hs Add CABAL file and first simple tests. Aug 10, 2012
sandi.cabal Remove QuotedPrintable.Extras. Mar 28, 2016
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