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A curated list of delightful Heroku Platform Resources
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Awesome Heroku Awesome

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-- A curated list of delightful Heroku Resources

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A curated list of helpful Heroku resources.


Analytics for Heroku...

  • tool Metabase — a beta of Metadata as an app that can be deployed directly to Heroku.


How to architect your Heroku projects...

  • article Exploring Microservices Architecure on Heroku — explores why Heroku eliminates a lot of the tooling you need to worry about when working with microservices.
  • article Heroku and SOA — discusses why Heroku is perfectly suited to building a service-oriented architecture for your projects.


Blogs around the internet that often (or exclusively) write about Heroku...


Resources that help with deploying on Heroku...

  • official Preboot — explains how to use the "Preboot" feature to enable zero-downtime deployments, which can be tricky to get right.
  • article Automating our Heroku deployments from Jenkins — explains how you'd go about automating certain parts of deployment like enabling maintenance mode, copying your database from production to staging, running migrations against staging, etc.
  • question How do you ignore files when deploying to Heroku? — the answer to a common question about .gitignore like functionality.



Tips for using custom domain names on Heroku...


General resources that cover lots of different things about Heroku...

  • book The Heroku Hacker's Guide — an ebook that covers a lot of the basics in maintaining and scaling a project on Heroku.
  • book Heroku Cookbook — step-by-step recipes to solve the challenges of administering and scaling a real-world production web application on Heroku.


Information about the company itself...


Anything dealing with Heroku Postgres...


Anything dealing with Heroku Redis...


Resources that help you scale your Heroku projects...

  • tool HireFire — a SaaS tool that automatically scales your Heroku dynos up and down as load requires.


How to secure you Heroku applications...


Helpful resources for the Heroku Toolbelt...

  • official Toolbelt Download — where to download the Heroku toolbelt.
  • plugin heroku-accounts — makes it easy to work with multiple accounts at once from the command line.
  • plugin heroku-pg-extras — a toolbelt plugin that adds extra useful plugins for working with Postgres. Things like analyzing cache hit rates, outlier queries, unused indexes, table sizes, etc.


Things to check out if you decide to migrate off of Heroku for some reason...

  • tool dokku — a self-hosted, docker-based, Heroku-compliant platform.



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